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Pension Risk Transfer

Pension plan de-risking solutions  

At MassMutual, we offer plan sponsors and pension plan professionals confidence by helping ensure their fiduciary duties and pension obligations are satisfied. As a mutual company run for the benefit of its participating policyholders, we offer confidence through our enduring financial strength, our annuity solutions expertise, and our passion for helping people secure their future and protect the ones they love.

As one of the largest mutual companies in the group annuity pension risk transfer services market (PRT), we are afforded a long term and strategic approach to our business. Paired with our leading financial strength and commitment to the PRT market, we continually invest in our products and our people.

Since 1851, our focus on the long-term has helped us provide financial security to millions of people and for more than 35 years, we’ve extended that focus and annuity expertise through our PRT offerings.

As part of our passion for helping people, we choose to maintain proprietary administrative services. We believe owning our administrative processes helps us ensure we can offer competitive and customizable solutions paired with exceptional annuitant experiences.

About Pension Risk Transfer

Due to the uncertainty of the costs and risks associated with administering defined benefit plans, a growing number of institutions are looking to transfer all or a portion of their pension risk to remove this long-term liability from their balance sheet and reduce the volatility of the plan’s funded status, while meeting commitments to their former employees.

MassMutual’s pension risk transfer team of professionals has an average tenure of 15 years and more than 35 years of experience helping institutions assess, mitigate, and transfer risk. We deliver a consultative, client-focused approach to transfer pension risks and manage your longevity exposure.

Here are some of the benefits available when choosing MassMutual as your pension risk transfer insurer:

Reduce Costs and Risks

There are a variety of risks associated with defined benefit plan administration: market risk, interest rate risk, regulatory risk, and longevity risk to name a few. The cost implications associated with these risks can be difficult to predict. Pension risk transfer strategies offer ways to mitigate and, at times, eliminate these costs and risks, helping organizations better manage the costs of benefits administration. MassMutual provides solutions that can deliver risk transference for your pension plan.


Eliminate Accounting and Funding Volatility

Regulatory environments, asset performance and longer expected lifespans can all impact your plan’s — and in turn your organization’s — financials. Through the purchase of a pension risk transfer annuity, you can help remove this volatility from your balance sheet and income statement.

Customized Solutions and Administrative Services

MassMutual can help you deliver on certain commitments to your participants while helping to reduce your organization’s economic and operational exposure.

Our solutions include: a singe premium annuity contract that can ensure benefit obligations are satisfied, the ability to fund the annuity purchase through the assets in kind, and the ability to tailor the solution to the plan sponsor’s needs.

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