Institutional Insurance

Bank-Owned Life Insurance and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Expertise and leadership for a dynamic market

Properly structured life insurance solutions can help you manage the business risks associated with the loss of highly compensated key employees, and serve as a tax-efficient balance sheet asset.

Your company can benefit from our institutionally priced solutions to offset costs associated with employee benefit programs, including retiree health care and non-qualified benefit programs, designed to incentivize key executives.

Working with specialized distribution relationships, our full-service team of professionals deliver Bank‑Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Corporate‑Owned Life Insurance (COLI) solutions to meet the benefit funding, insurance, and asset-diversification needs of a variety of institutional businesses.

A long-time leader in the institutional insurance market, MassMutual has delivered a broad spectrum of life insurance solutions with unsurpassed expertise and service.

A Legacy of Leadership for Over 27 Years

$20.4 billion BOLI & $6.3 COLI assets under management:

  • $20.4B

    General Account assets

  • $5.4B

    Separate Account assets

  • 3,200+

    Client plans

Information as of 09/30/2018


Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Attract and retain top talent with flexible, competitive retirement solutions.

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